Prince-Mont Swim League


New Team Application - For new teams that want to join the league

Team Switching Form - For all swimmers moving from one team to another

Swim Suit Waiver Request

Dual Meet Officials Roster - Officials roster/sign-in sheet for dual meets

Dual Meet Timers Roster - Timers roster/sign-in sheet for dual meets

PMSL Order of Events - card listing order of events for PMSL meets

Scratch Log - For recording the pre-meet scratches/substitutions

Reseed Form - For the Clerk-of-Course

Relay Entry Cards - For relay entries at dual meets

Relay Takeoff Slips - For judging relay takeoffs

League Records - For documenting new league records

PMSL Score Sheet - Old score sheet for manually recording results

Referee's Stroke & Turn and Relay Take-Off Briefing
(from the PVS Official's web page)

Divisional Meet Officials Roster - Officials & Timers roster/sign-in sheet for divisional meets


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